Best Guidelines That Will Help You Understand Thematic Essay Format Easily


Listed below are a few most important steps that can make your thematic essay writing task much easier than you think.

1. Carefully read the essay question twice. Jot down all the questions that will have to answer in order to provide an effective answer to question asked in the essay. Writing an outline is the most convenient way in this regard.

2. Search for the answer to the question “what is the theme of the essay?” In a typical thematic essay, the first noun mentioned in the question serves as the theme of the essay. You will need to “Identify” the newspaper questions (who? what? when? and where?). In your introductory paragraph, provide answers to these questions.

3. Brainstorm! Write down all the ideas and thoughts related to the topic that comes in your mind.

4.  Form an outline. In a strategic manner, choose the examples that you will highlight. Next, place the vocabulary words that fit best with the examples. Don’t just fit words in for the sake of fitting them in. Use

5 words that fit the topic.5. Create a thesis statement. The very first statement of your essay will be the “thesis statement”. This sentence would state what you aim to prove in your essay.

6. Being the very first line of your essay, the thesis statement should tell what you intend to prove in your essay. In addition, it should not be contrasting with the conclusion you provide.

7. The outline you made before starting the essay should be strictly followed when you actually write the essay. It may also help you to describe and underline the different words of vocabulary as you include them in the essay. Be careful about underlining the words because if you don’t, you will not get any credit for them. You also need to remember that words can only be used in a paragraph as long as they are in accordance with the theme of the paragraph.

8. As soon as you are done go back and read your essay again. Once again, you should count how many vocabulary words have you used. Check if they are all underlined. As you proofread your essay, look for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes and correct them. Make certain that you have identified the theme of your topic. Using clear examples in your essay may be an added advantage. Review and evaluate your conclusion to know if the ending is interesting and thought-provoking.

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